Ditch the ‘diet’

definition: a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves to lose weight

Lets get one thing straight… Diets don’t work, from no carb diets, juice cleanse diets to dangerously low-calorie diets. Maybe in the short run but in the long run you’re just setting yourself up for a very disappointing result. This was probably my hardest realisation, thinking if I just ate poached chicken and veggies id be skinny before I know it. So id start my morning off with 2 eggs and plate it on a bed of spinach, take a photo of it and upload it with the hashtags ‘#healthy & #delicious’ in the hope that It would actually convince me that this bland and in no way nutritious balanced meal was again ‘#delicious’. So come 4pm on the same day as my ‘diet’ id find myself rampaging through the fridge and pantry, demolishing everything in sight, by 9pm i’m laying on the couch with feelings of shame, guilt and failure because I had eaten enough for a family of 4 and when you feel that guilt and shame 9 times out of 10 you’ll find yourself in that vicious circle where you’ll go back to the fridge to make yourself feel better because you feel like you’ve already failed. Seriously though food is there to be enjoyed and in no way meant to be restricting or make you feel guilty, it creates a bad relationship with food… thinking “oh no I can’t eat that chocolate because it will make me fat”. FACT: Dieting and restricting yourself only makes you want something more  which makes you the star of your own binging episode.

My number 1 piece of advice for you is to eat 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy. Its all about balance. Go out with your friends and enjoy an ice-cream or cocktail but when you  get home try making my ‘chocolate overnight oats’ so you’re prepared for the best start the following morning.
Don’t get me wrong its normal to go off track with eating well here and there, I still have my days where I have a packet of chips or a Snickers bar but the only difference is that I don’t feel guilty for it because I know that I have chosen to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Remember its not a quick fix.
It’s the rest of your life & your body will thank you in more ways than you know it.

HealthFoodObsessedSam xxx

Chocolate overnight oats

1/2 cup of quick oats
1tbs chia seeds
1tbs coconut flakes
1tsp cacao
1tsp stevia sweetener or rice malt syrup
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup rasberries

Add all ingredients into a bowl and let sit in the fridge over night.
Garnish with left over berries and banana.


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