Soy Caramel Latte ‘Newly Vegan’ chat

Hey, welcome back!

I know it has been a while since I blogged but I have something to tell you. Something that I have learned. Firstly in life, we are continuously learning about ourselves and the world that we live in. A few people lately have asked me why I haven’t blogged, and it’s because I was trying to figure out all the answers and wanted everything to be correct with what I wrote about. Sam!? seriously as my friend pointed out the other night. A blog is something where you can express your thoughts and feelings. Not have the answers like a Wikipedia but we all know that even their information is not always right or is continuously changing like us.

So here I am 100% raw and drinking my very first caramel flavored soy latte that I made myself drive to McDonald’s to get accompanied by my knotted bed hair, pimple covered face that I had been picking all day and the first bit of clothing I could find on the bedroom floor, charming. By the way, it’s 3 pm in the afternoon right now and that is how long it has taken me to get out of my bed.

Remember how I was just talking about how in life we are continuously learning about ourselves and the world that we live in? A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a documentary that one of my vegan friends had shared. To be honest I thought “here we go again, another vegan ‘save the animals’ film” of course it was a completely uneducated thought of mine at the time. The film is called ‘What the health’ on Netflix and I highly recommend it. In a previous blog, I wrote about my 700-gram egg-eating boyfriend. There was no way that I ever thought I and especially he would ever cut out animal products besides the dairy we had majority removed from our diet. 20 minutes in and everything they said made sense, it was like everything had been answered but also like finding out Santa isn’t real. Of course, I did research of my own because you can’t always trust everything you read or see.

Becoming vegan has probably been the best thing I have ever done for my body. Growing up with chronic asthma and being told it is something that I will have to live with and medicate myself every day was hard. The health benefits of cutting out animal products in the documentary looked almost too good to be true but I’m here to tell you 4 weeks in and my asthma is better than it has ever been and my energy has been through the roof. Don’t get me wrong it has been difficult and I have slipped a few times to nachos with the lot and hazelnut Cadbury chocolate and I have put on about 1kg but it’s all a new learning experience and learning not what you can’t eat but what you can. I have enjoyed vegan banana bread, butter chicken curries, and delicious breakfast pancakes. Everything is possible and like myself, I am always learning new things and trying new things to benefit my health. It should never be about your weight or the way you look because your outside body is determined by what you put on the inside.

I can’t wait to share some vegan inspired recipes with you all.

HealthFoodObsessedSam xxx


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